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Call us now: (800) 284-5756

Welcome to

Support Network

Call us now: (800) 284-5756

Welcome to

Support Network

Call us now: (800) 284-5756

Welcome to

Support Network

Call us now: (800) 284-5756


Support Network

Management Support Network Inc. was established in 1999.  We are a boutique consulting firm, located northwest of Mississauga, Ontario (in Rockwood, ON).  We specialize in preparing SR&ED claims for our clients that ensure they get every dollar they deserve.


Professional, Competent, Experienced

We have filed SR&ED claims in every province, and we have large clusters of clients in the Greater Toronto area, Ottawa – Hawkesbury area, Greater Vancouver area and the Calgary-Edmonton area.

Why Us?

98%+ Success Rate: We are SR&ED experts


CRA has accepted well over 10,000 projects we’ve written. We know exactly what your claim should emphasize and what it shouldn’t. Often, we are able to increase the value of a client’s SR&ED claim because of our deep understanding of the SR&ED criteria and our experienced senior consultants. Equally important, we reduce the risk of an audit by excluding certain activities that are not eligible.Read More

Faster CRA Processing of the Claim


Our experience with CRA is excellent. With our name on the SR&ED claim, and with our relationships with the field auditors, we are confident your claim will be a success.Read More



If you wish, we can work on your claim throughout the year in “real-time” to ensure your staff is correctly identifying and tracking eligible projects. If you’d prefer to wait until the end of the year, we’ll act as the project manager to get it done sooner than later. Read More

No Multi-Year Contracts


We believe you should always have the freedom of choice and that we should have to earn your repeat business. We are so confident in the quality of our service, we don’t have to lock you into a long-term contract. Read More

Risk-Free Engagements


Most of our client agreements are success based. Simply put, we don’t get paid until you get paid.

“Front-to-Finish” Package


Every customer requires slightly different support along the way. Together, we’ll design a process that suits your needs. Then, we will work with you and your staff to have a successful claim. Read More

Seamless Integration with Your Accountant


Our tax department will integrate the SR&ED claim into the tax return, so there will not be any additional fees from your accountant related to the SR&ED claim. Read More

Peer Reviewed Claims


We have the resources to ensure that every claim is reviewed by another subject matter expert prior to submission. This is why our acceptance rate is so high and our adjustment rate is so low. You can be confident your claim was expertly prepared and fully maximized. Read More

Full CRA Audit Support


In the event CRA wants to review the SR&ED claim, we’ll work with your team to prepare for the visit. Then, we’ll be with you during the CRA claim review to help make it as smooth as possible. It helps that we have over 200 CRA SR&ED employees in our database. Read More

Support to be CRA-SR&ED Compliant


We’ll assess your existing time tracking and technical record keeping against CRA’s SR&ED requirements and provide recommendations, templates and training as required to “get on the road to CRA-SR&ED compliance”. Read More

Umbrella Projects


We do not believe in leaving money on the table, so we will umbrella as many small projects as possible into larger projects, linking them by a common technology thread. Read More

Other Government Funding


We will inform you about other government funding opportunities and provide free guidance on how to apply to them. Most of the time, the applications for non-SR&ED government funding is straightforward, and you won’t need our help. But, if you feel that our help is necessary, we can provide a quote for our services at that time. Read More

Why US

Customize Front‑to‑Finish
Consulting Packages

We work with you to design a custom training and consulting package, to ensure your claim is a success.  We also help reduce the risk of CRA auditing or reducing your claim. You don’t pay us until your claim is approved.


Case Studies


Reducing the Risk of a CRA Audit


Bigger Isn’t Always Better


Opportunity Found


Better CRA Working Relationship

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