The 8 Steps to Preparing a SR&ED
Claim [infographic]

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Our goals at Management Support Network Inc. are to:

  1. Educate your SR&ED team to maximize your R&D investments,
  2. Improve your SR&ED activity tracking system, and
  3. Ensure you receive every SR&ED dollar you deserve at present and in the future

The 8 Steps to Preparing a SR&ED Claim [infographic]

These are the eight steps we follow to fulfill these goals and successfully prepare your claim:

  • Step One: Put together the SR&ED team—We will assign an Account Manager to ensure all client stakeholders are satisfied and to coordinate visits. We will assign a Senior Consultant with an appropriate technical background to work with your team.
  • Step Two: Prepare your SR&ED team leader—We will provide your SR&ED team leader with a checklist, so they are fully prepared for the kickoff.
  • Step Three: Gather Technical information—The Senior Consultant will meet your subject matter experts to gather needed information and put together the technical reports for the claim. The reports will explain to CRA how your project aligns with SR&ED eligibility criteria and describes the work performed.
  • Step Four: Gather Financial information—With the scope of eligible work defined, the Senior Consultant will prepare the financial portion of the claim by requesting payroll info and subcontractor and material invoices from your SR&ED financial lead.
  • Step Five: Improve your SR&ED activity tracking system—Your Consultant will work with you to ensure your SR&ED activity tracking system meets CRA compliance requirements.
  • Step Six: Internal review—Another consultant from our group will comprehensively review the claim for unnecessary risk and for opportunities to increase the value of the claim.
  • Step Seven: Integrate the claim—When your claim is approved, our tax department will coordinate with your accountant to integrate the SR&ED claim into the tax return, and to file the claim.
  • Step Eight: Follow up—We will track your claim as it moves through the CRA process until your claim is approved and you receive your refund.